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Company Insolvency Services

As an Official Liquidator and a Registered Liquidator I am able to be appointed as Liquidator of a

  • Court Appointed Liquidation;

  • Creditors Voluntary Liquidation; or a

  • Members Voluntary Liquidation.

Business Recovery Services

I am available to be appointed as Administrator in the Voluntary Administration of a company to endeavour to provide a path to rehabilitation of the company’s financial situation to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.  This rehabilitation may also be able to be achieved, in certain situations, by my informal appointment and direct negotiation with a creditor

Personal Recovery Services

As a Registered Trustee in Bankruptcy, I am qualified to take appointments from creditors who may wish me to be appointed as Trustee of a Court Ordered Bankruptcy of a person.

I am also available to be appointed by a debtor who wishes to initiate the bankruptcy process for their own purposes.  I actively encourage the possibility of offers being put to creditors which will cause the bankruptcy to be annulled to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.  I am also able to act as Controlling Trustee of a debtor’s estate to enable a Personal Insolvency Agreement to be proposed to creditors to avoid a formal bankruptcy.

Secured Creditor Services

As a Registered Liquidator, I am able to be appointed as Receiver, Receiver and Manager or Controller of a secured asset to recover it at maximum value for the lender.

Investigative Accountant Assignments

I am available for appointments by secured lenders to provide a report, as specified, on the lenders security position.

Statutory Trustee Services

I am available to be appointed as Statutory Trustee pursuant to the Property Law Act, 1974 for the recovery and realisation of property.